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Prior to purchase, check out the research page lite version. It is loaded with 5 years of historical data and the same variables you'd be able to use in paid for version.

About the Research Page:

The research page gives users the ability to make smarter, more-educated bets throughout the NFL season. It utilizes a dataset with 3700+ NFL games and 60+ fields to articulate how well similar teams have performed in the past.

How it works:

The research page allows users to plug in their own variables and see how well teams with the same variables have performed against the spread historically.

The research page carries three main functionalities

1) Historical Performance: The user can pick variables from over 55 options to get a deep understanding of how well teams in the same situation have performed against the spread in the past/how profitable the average bet would have been. This information is displayed at two different levels a). the aggregate level & b). a year by year breakout.

2) Data Visualized: Based off of the user-defined variables, a interactive graph will visualize a). the total profit of a given trend & b). a year by year look at how the trend has performed. This ultimately will give the user the ability to understand the volatility of a trend and the strength of the edge.

3) Current Week's Teams in Scope: Based on the user-defined variables, you'll be able to see which teams meet the given criteria in a given week. Once you're able to identify profitable trends, this functionality will allow you to convert those trends into picks.

Once purchased, you'll have full access to the research page pro in its entirety.