Research Page Lite

How the research page works:

This is an example of how the research page works. This only includes 5 years worth of data, while the Research Page includes 15 years. WORKS BEST ON A COMPUTER, VERY DIFFICULT TO NAVIGATE ON A PHONE

How to use:

In the top right corner, click on "Toggle Variables" to open the 50+ variables to filter on. It may take a second to load, so be patient. Toggle the variables that you'd like to analyze.

How to interpret:

 There are four main parts of this sheet:

1) Aggregate Performance: Shows the overall performance of a given strategy from 2007-Present 

2) Yearly Units and Total Units Gained 2007-2021: Visual representation of how well a strategy has performed historically.

3) Year by Year Performance of Teams that Met These Variables: Shows the year by year statistics of how well teams in this situation have performed historically against the spread.

4) Teams this week that meet this criteria: Displays teams in a given week that match the variables provided. Great for converting a trend into an actualized pick.

Key can be seen below:



Units: Take this number and multiply it by your standard bet size to receive how much money this strategy would have won/lost you

Games: Total number of games that met this criteria from 2007-Present

Wins: Wins against the spread

Loss: Losses against the spread

Push: Pushes against the Spread

Win %: (Wins/(Wins + Loss))

ROI: (Return on Investment) the average return on each bet wagered.

MOV: (Margin of Victory) The average margin of victory against the spread for this given trend